Professional Upholsterers Association of Minnesota
Our Mission Statement The Professional Upholsterers' Association of Minnesota is an organization of individuals and firms, joined together to advance, support and promote the field of upholstery.

Upholstery FAQs

Quality Upholstery is a good investment.

Reasons to Upholster:

• Family heirlooms maintain integrity and structural strength.

• Own a Period style not available in stores any longer.

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  • Express your own uniqueness.

• A wide range of choices in fabrics and fabric types.

• Maintain furniture's comfort, size in your rooms, style and beauty by updating.

• Customize the fit of the furniture to the user so it is ergonomically comfortable.

• Recycle and reuse higher quality, older hardwood frames.

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• Reuse quality foundations no longer used in most modern furniture. Achieve better support.

• New high quality frames custom built.

• Professional advice and assistance available

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upholstery education

Upholstery classes are being taught by some of the Professional Upholstery Associations of MN Members and Check their websites for dates, times, instructor and general information.


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Frequently asked questions:

Can I supply my own fabric?
Most upholsterers will work with customer provided fabric. However, the upholsterer cannot guarantee your fabric for wearability, flaws or appropriateness for the piece you are covering. In general upholsterers add a cutting charge when the client provides fabric that can range anywhere from $10-$30 a yard depending on the fabric. This should be negotiated with the upholsterer before the project begins. Overall, you may not have saved money by supplying your own fabric.

What other costs are incurred when upholstering a piece of furniture besides the fabric?
Some of the other costs include foam, dacron, thread, buttons, etc. Any work on the wooden parts of the piece, such as re-glueing, staining and cleaning the wood adds to the cost. Spring tying, double welt and skirts also are added onto the estimate. Finally, tax is required for all fabrics and materials purchased for the piece.

Why not buy new versus reupholstering?
If your current furniture has a good frame, is comfortable and you like the style, then reupholstering may be your best choice. The finished product may cost as much as a moderately priced piece of new furniture, but you'll have a customized piece that is unique to you and your family.

How do I choose an upholsterer?
Choose a Professional Upholsterer from our organization! An association member has a proven track record and has been in the business for a minimum of 3 years. Most of our members have been in operation for much longer. Click on the member link,or call us and we can recommend someone in your area.

Is upholstering guaranteed?
All of our members guarantee their work. Before you make the commitment, ask for references and ask the upholsterer what their policies are.

Furniture recycling options

Goodwill, Savers,The Salvation Army and the Habitat Restore's all take used furniture.

Upholstery Resources

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