Professional Upholsterers Association of Minnesota
Our Mission Statement The Professional Upholsterers' Association of Minnesota is an organization of individuals and firms, joined together to advance, support and promote the field of upholstery.

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Types of Upholstery Offered:                                                                   

• Residential

• Commercial

• Custom Tuffets and Benches

• Antique / Historical

• Frame Repair

• Cornice Boards

• Decorative Pillows & Custom Cushions

• Fine Fabrics

Region: Minneapolis

Sole Proprietor: Mavis Nelson

Contact Info: Phone: 612-729-2112

Cell Phone: 612-270-8306


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Upholstery services since 1978 from bike seats to sofas and a storefront shop since 2008.
Turning your ‘Great Aunt Martha’s’ chair or sofa into a beautiful piece you’ll be proud to sit in.

Upholstery is my game BUT I also make and redo "Tuffets and benches and chairs, oh my!" Tuffets (small footstools) are made from "green" products - repurposed from cabinet shelving for the base, stair rails cut to various lengths for legs, and fabric remnants and trims from past projects. There are several sizes - usually 5 inches to 9 inches in height - available at my shop, or they are made to order using the fabric and/or trim of your choice.

Tuffets are not just an accessory item - they are therapeutic too - easing your lower back by having your feet 5-9 inches off the floor.

Come try one and see their function, fun and fantasy.


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